Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Lazy Sunday Service

A very lazy Sunday service this week since I haven't been reading very much of anything, let alone other blogs. I bought four books with me to Armenia. I'm not really sure why as that assumed that I would manage to find time to read one a day! I also lugged here two papers and a report to read. It's like I need to carry excess paper as a comfort blanket. I've managed to make it through half of one of them. And this week will be a slow reading week as well as the institute I run has a full external review on Tuesday and Wednesday and we're hosting a one day conference on Thursday. The presentation yesterday went well, I think. Not only were half the Armenian cabinet there, but also 8 TV cameramen and other members of the press. The talk was followed by two hours of questions and discussion and it was fascinating to see how the issue was debated by a set of political and diaspora elites all with their own views and/or pet projects. The plan now is to try and write up all the information we collected into a case study. An interesting place to visit and hopefully I'll get a chance to return at some point.

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