Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lights, camera, action, bed

The last few days have been a bit frantic.  Out of the house at 7.30pm and back at 9pm.  Eat then sleep.  Then repeat.  Most of the time has been taken up with filming and recording for Prime Time.  I'm pretty poor material to be working with.  My dialogue was too 'academic' - "now, can you say that again but normally so that someone on the street can understand it."  Or, "can you say that without it sounding like a lecture?"  I was speaking too quickly.  I fluffed lines constantly.  I discovered I have a complete inability to memorize lines.  And due to nerves I could barely formulate questions for the people I was interviewing.  I spent most of the time paranoid I'd say something daft that they would include in the film - and it's pretty difficult to be recorded over three days where you don't say something stupid or something that you would in private but not in public. Interestingly, giving a lecture to an audience of 500 barely phases me, but I found this quite unnerving, though it got easier as we progressed.  I'm not sure how many hours of film/audio recordings they have but a fair few - maybe six or seven - that will now have to be edited down to 8-10 minutes.  It includes several retakes of the same thing or variations on a theme or the same thing but in a different place.  Lots of filler shots of walking around estates, or walking and talking through fields or along roads.  I might have to go back in and do voice-overs on Wednesday.  All interesting stuff, but completely exhausting.

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