Short Stories

638 Steps
A Black Feather
Bloody Idiot
Boxing Dumb
Cassanova Succumbs to Two Ton Tina
Cutting Loose
Death of Me
Does Sparky want another sausage?
Infrared Dead 
It's a Dog's Life
King Canute
Nearly Extinct
On a High Wire
Preparing the Lure 
Scattered to the four winds
Spirit of Fear
Sweet Dreams
Target Practice 
The case of the strange white van
The El up Ninth Avenue
The Snake House
To cut a long story short
Two men get thrown out of a bar
Trust and Fear
You Raise Me Up


My first 100 drabbles are collected together into a free to download book, The Song of the Sea.  Available here.  Below are links to all the drabbles published on the blog.

A bad start to the day
A bit part in her life 
A blank page and a blinking cursor
A deadly descent?
A front seat view across the valley
A good death
A handful of bullets
A hint of death
A journey under the skin 
A little encouragement
A long, lonely night in the desert
A matter of time
A murder in Iceland
A seed of doubt
A singular venture?
A thin slither of hope 
After the storm
All I can hear is the wind, the rain, and you whispering loudly
Always running 
An ambush in the mountains
An empty house 
An honest man?
A ship without a rudder 
A slither of hope
A tiny hand
Bad ball
Battle of wits
Beauty and the Beast 
Blood pumping quick
Blowing hot and cold
Both too old for this
Breaker's yard 
Brief encounter
Called from the path 
Cancelling Christmas
Carpetbagger blues
Changing channels
Changing paths
Chasing ghosts
Comfortable love
Dying for a dare
Exit strategy
Fallen behind
Fast car 
Fearing rejection
Final notice
First at the scene
Forty minutes to transfer terminals
From the ground
Gone fishing
Got a light, mate? 
Guangzhou heist
Guarantees and promises
Gut instinct
He's gone
Head like a shattered windscreen
Heading to Pearl Harbour 
Home run
I am. I was. I will be.
I can barely breath, let alone run
I have to know 
I want to tango
If we find her alive, I'll kill her myself 
Il était Charlie
iphone, your phone
Karma coma
Laying in wait
Learning to count in the shelter  
Lisboa rendezvous
Losing Trigger
LR is better than A
Making waves 
Man on a mission
Many a true word said in jest
More with less 
My name's Marie
Night swimming
Nine tenths of the law
Number one at the end of the bar
Oddly absent
One drop three drip
On the bus with grandfather
On the ropes
Path of least resistivity
Plane envy
Playing by the river
Preparing for the turkey shoot
Purls of wisdom
Pushing one's luck
Questions and doubts  
Ready-made family
Real life calling
Rock and a hard place
Seagulls and crows
Sharing the moment of the damned 
She's got pretty persuasion
She looked like Barbara Stanwyck in Double Indemnity 
She wrecks my head
Shhh ... Sugar 
Sitting target
Snow White
Soft boiled egg
Sore feet
Swept out to sea
Swimming with loan sharks
Taking on airs
Taking the devil for a swim
That's all there is to it
The body in the bench
The captain has switched on the seatbelt sign
The clearing
The cook is in meltdown 
The dance floor swallows him whole
The distant shore
The drink talking
The end of a dream
The evidence proves otherwise
The first punch
The game is up
The haunted hospital
The last hurrah!
The last one
The last snowman
The long drop 
The long walk
The makings of a grouch
The morning after
The red section
The signal in the noise
The song of the sea 
The wrong man?
There's something down there
This is from Santa? 
This isn't a game
This isn't a video game
Tiny seed of doubt
To the death
Too quiet 
Upping the ante
Waiting for the NKVD 
Wandering in half-light
Was different time 
Watching you, watching me 
Wayward salmon 
Wherever the road takes us
Will be caught, won't be caught 
Will you still love me tomorrow?
Wishing on a star 
Why do I always attract the weirdos?
Would suit a DIY enthusiast
You can ring my parents