Saturday, July 27, 2019

You, Me, Always

‘How many times do we need to tell you? Stay away from that boy!’

‘His name’s Niall.’

‘And he’s nothing but trouble.’

‘You mean he’s a taig.’

‘I mean he’s … not for you.’

‘Dad, it’s 2001. The war’s ended.’

‘The Good Friday Agreement’s just a piece of paper. This is real life.’

‘And what we have is real love.’

‘What you have is infatuation. Lust!’

‘That’s it, I’m off out.’

‘You’ll go to your room!’

‘I’m nineteen, Dad, not nine.’

Ellie paused at the garden gate, smiled, and mouthed the words chalked on the wall opposite.

‘You, Me, Always.’

A drabble is a story of exactly 100 words.

1 comment:

Margot Kinberg said...

Oh, I really like this one, Rob. It captures so much in that one scene, and I'll bet there are plenty of families who still feel that way, even twenty years after the Good Friday accord.