Saturday, October 12, 2019


Kevin lost his footing as the boat unexpectedly shift out from under him.

The cold emptied his lungs of air.

He was sinking in an ice bath.

Then he was rising, his legs kicking.

The hull of the boat was dancing on the waves several feet away.

There was no sign of his shipmate.


‘I’m okay! Get to the boat!’

He started to swim, his clothes and limbs leaden.

The boat bobbed further away.

John’s head appeared above the keel.


It was no use, the distance was widening.


Shivering, he waved and watched the boat drift away.

A drabble is a story of exactly 100 words.

1 comment:

Margot Kinberg said...

Oh, that's one to give you the shivers, Rob! A really well-done depiction, and now I wonder what they were doing on that boat, whether that was intentional (and if so, why), and all sorts of other things...