Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Lazy Sunday Service

We only receive the four domestic Irish TV channels. That provides a fairly limited choice and as there was nothing much on last night we went to the DVD rental place. Having spent ten minutes browsing we came home empty handed. For some reason nothing much appealed; well not enough to spend five euros renting it. I can't ever imagine that happening in a bookshop, but perhaps the day will come. The big difference is likely to be that I can return home knowing there'll be something in the to read pile that'll take my fancy. Not unsurprisingly spent the evening reading instead whilst the rain lashed down outside (no surprise there either).

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Maxine said...

This pretty much echoes Prof P and me, last night (Saturday). We thought we might watch a film as our remaining daughter had taken herself off to watch X factor. We couldn't find anything to watch either - and unfortunately Prof P is not a "crime" fan so was not too interested in all my many unwatched DVD boxed sets of crime thrillers etc. So we both read books instead, which actually was what I wanted to do anyway, so I was happy. The trouble is, neither of us has heard of most of the DVDs on offer at the rental shop - a whole generation of films has happened since I was "in touch" about these things.
BTW a couple of weeks ago we did watch a quite good DVD, "The Serpent", a French crime thriller, better than average I'd say if you haven't seen it. (Formulaic at the end, but what film isn't? Good for about the first 3/4 though.)

Maxine said...

Oh, and the US version of "State of Play" is worth a watch, too - we did see that one the other week as Prof P had seen it on a plane. I was dubious as I'd enjoyed a (cheap) DVD of the UK version, but I had to admit that the US version was good. Just out over here.