Thursday, October 29, 2009

Seeking Armenian fiction

A little more tricky this request. I've been invited to go to Armenia in two weeks time to talk to the Minister for Diaspora and the National Competiveness Council about developing and implementing diaspora strategies. Armenia is a little unusual in that more Armenians live outside the country than in it. Its population is 3.2 million and its Armenian born diaspora estimated to be 5.5 million (plus a sizable extended diaspora). What I'm after is recommendations for Armenian fiction (of any kind - I suspect narrowing it to just crime fiction might be a step too far). Any suggestions?


Maxine said...

What a very interesting question. I don't know of any I am afraid. I bet Peter R of Detectives Beyond Borders would rise to your challenge, though!

Rob Kitchin said...

I'm hoping my hosts might be able to come up with something. All I can find online is only translated into Russian, with the exception of some poetry. I might have to be happy with travel guide stuff.