Thursday, April 7, 2011

Being used as a chat-up line

I visited a friend on Sunday on the way back to the airport. His brother was also visiting. He told me the following story. He’d been on a train in Britain, sharing a table with a couple of young women who turned out to be Geography students. He asked if they knew my work, which they did. He then regaled them with stories of our time in youth club. He ended with the punchline – ‘You were a great chat up line’. There is something very odd about being used as a chat-up line. I’m not sure what. Personally, I can’t believe that it would work. ‘I know Rob Kitchin, do you fancy a date?’ ‘Er, no thanks.’


Maxine Clarke said...

Almost as bad as being a journal editor and bumping into people who have had their mss rejected.

Uriah Robinson said...

Almost as bad as having ex staff members email and ask if you have read about the dentist crossed off for flatulence. He had done other things.;o)

seana graham said...

Being used as a chat up line doesn't seem as bad as either of these other things. The question, though, is did it work?