Monday, September 17, 2012

All due respect

My short story - Nearly Extinct - has just been published in Vol 36 of All Due Respect.  Freddie Carlingworth is 83 and the last of his line, waiting in a nursing home for the great heave-ho.  Terry Watson is his 48 year old care assistant, stuck in a dead-end job clearing up after incontinent old men.  Two lives going nowhere fast, but Freddie has a plan for them to make a mark on the world - to rob a bank.  An old man in a wheelchair wearing a Mr Bean mask and carrying a sawn-off shotgun being pushed by a professional nobody disguised as Elvis in his bloated phase.  Click over to All Due Respect to find out how they got on.


Anonymous said...

Rob - Well done! On my over to check it out now.

Anonymous said...


Congratulations. Enjoyed the story throughout, particularly the ending.

Ray Kolb

Rob Kitchin said...

Thanks, Ray, Margot. Enjoyed writing this one. I might come back to Freddie and Terry at some point and spin this out into a longer yarn.