Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Irish crime binge

I'm having a bit of an Irish crime binge at present.  Yesterday I reviewed Zugzwang by Ronan Bennett.  Tomorrow I'll post a review of Little Criminals by Gene Kerrigan, followed early next week by Irregulars by Kevin McCarthy.  Hot on its heels will be Michael Clifford's The Deal and Alan Glynn's Graveland.  I bought the latter two at the weekend.  I'm not usually too fussed about covers, but I'll admit I wouldn't have picked up The Deal if it hadn't got Michael Clifford's name on it.  Just doesn't appeal to my taste.  His debut novel, Ghost Town, ensured that it reached the checkout till.


Keen Reader said...

I agree about the cover. Photographic covers don't appeal to me. I like to do my own imagining.

Funny . . . I was born in Northern Ireland and lived there for 34 years and find it very hard to read Irish crime novels, most especially those set in the Troubles. Too near grim reality, perhaps, for me.

Rob Kitchin said...

I don't mind photo covers, but not this kind where they give you very definite images of the characters. Irish crime fiction is quite disconnected from my everyday life so I'm okay reading. I think it's probably more difficult if it's more up close and personal.