Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lazy Sunday Service

After two weeks travelling by train with my father round the Czech Republic and Eastern Germany I am feeling cultured out.  I don't think I've ever been to so many museums and heritage attractions in such a short space of time before.  Other than general wandering around, here's where we visited, all of which were interesting places and worth checking out.  The picture is the rebuilt skyline of Dresden.  I'm just finishing a book about the bombing raids that flattened the city in February 1945.  The skyline once again resembles that painted by Canaletto in 1748, when it was known as 'Florence on the Elbe'.

Prague Castle, including St. Vitus Cathedral, The Story of Prague Castle, St. George's Basilica, Prague Castle Picture Gallery, Powder Tower.
Museum of Communism
The Army Museum Žižkov


Zwinger – Old Masters Picture Gallery, Royal Cabinet of Mathematical and Physical Instruments
Royal Palace - New Green Vault, Armoury, Turkish Chamber
VW Transparent Factory

Museum of City History
Museum in the ‘Rounded Corner’ (Stasi Museum)
Museum of the Printing Arts
Museum of Fine Arts

HSB Steam train up Brocken Mountain

Topography of Terror and Checkpoint Charlie
Schloss Charlottenburg
Jewish Museum Berlin
Museum of Technology

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TracyK said...

Oh my goodness, what a wonderful trip. It all sounds great, especially the train trip. I can imagine how you would be overwhelmed with culture at the end of that trip.