Saturday, November 2, 2013

Snap inspection

‘Hi!’ Colin looked up from the laptop.  ‘What are you doing back here?’

‘Why shouldn’t I be here?’ Claire snapped.

‘Because you should be at work?  Is everything okay?’

‘Where is she?’ Claire left the kitchen, moving to the living room.

‘Where’s who?’

‘That bitch from your office.  Sally.’

Colin trailed after her, blocking the doorway.  ‘There’s nobody here but me.  Why would Sally be here?’

‘You know why!  I saw the way you were flirting at Geoff’s party.’

‘We were just chatting.  Nothing more.  Look, Claire ...’

Behind him he heard the back door closing with a faint click.

A drabble is a story of exactly 100 words.


Anonymous said...

On your china theme - sorry I'm a bit late commenting - the second book in the Diane Wei Liang series (paper butterfly) is superior to the pretty good first book (jade)- it's a more sophisticated & accomplished modern crime story that also reflects on the turbulent past. I thought it was a moving and insightful read - from an author with an interesting history herself. It's a pity she didn't continue the series.

Anonymous said...

Rob - Oh, I like that last line very much! You're quite good at saying a lot with just a few words. Well-organised drabble too.