Monday, January 13, 2014

New year splurge

My to-be-read pile is not short of books at present, but that hasn't stopped me ordering the following books at the local bookshop in a new year splurge.

Maurizio DeGiovanni - I Will Have Vengeance
Ruth Dudley Edwards - Corridors of Death
Gordon Ferris - Bitter Water
Robert Gott - The Holiday Murders
Declan Hughes - All the Dead Voices
Marek Krajewski - The End of the World in Breslau
Seth Lynch - Salazar
William McIlvanney - The Papers of Tony Veitch
Ali Monroe - Washington Shadow
Anthony Quinn - Disappeared
Eduardo Sacheri - The Secret in Their Eyes
Roger Smith - Capture
P.D. Viner - The Last Winter of Dani Lancing

Just a couple of days after placing the order I've now read a post over at Col's Criminal Library and I now have five new books on my wish list. 

Wiley Cash - This Dark Road to Mercy
John Florio - Sugar Pop Moon
JW Nelson - Joey's Place
Terry Shames - A Killing at Cotton Hill
Gregory Widen - Blood Makes Noise

I think I'll wait a while before seeking these out though; at least, until I've read a good few of the one's I've already ordered.


Anonymous said...

Rob - Sounds like you've got some great reading awaiting you. :-)

col2910 said...

We've a fair few in common - I have 5 of the recent purchases on the pile and read another two of them.

I'd be interested in your response to Krajewski, I've tried 2 now and didn't like Mock at all. I think the "End of" was the only book I read last year to get 1 star! (not trying to put you off here!)

Cheers for the mention also. Hope you get a chance to give a few of them a go,

TracyK said...

I did my splurging before the end of the year and now have to really keep it down. Hope to see reviews of many of these books. They interest me. Especially Eduardo Sacheri - The Secret in Their Eyes, because I really liked the movie.