Monday, August 25, 2014

The Data Revolution published

My latest academic book The Data Revolution: Big Data, Open Data, Data Infrastructure and Their Consequences was published on August 23rd.  The publisher tells me that the book is in their warehouse and is ready to ship.  I've made a bit of an effort marketing wise with this one, setting up a dedicated website with a bunch of resources (including open access links to related papers and a hyperlinked bibliography) and making a promotional video (below).  The publisher has made the preface and chapters one (Conceptualising Data) and four (Big Data) open access.  The website has a full table of contents and chapter outlines though the title gives a pretty good description as to what it's about!  I'm also delighted that the book has had a lot of advance praise.  The site includes details about buying the book, including electronically through just about every format going.  I'm glad to see this one head off into the world.  I learnt a lot writing it and hopefully readers will as well.


Anonymous said...

Well done, Rob!!! Congratulations

Anonymous-9 said...

This looks very exciting Rob. Congrats! Elaine/Anonymous-9