Sunday, November 2, 2014

Lazy Sunday Service

I spent part of last week in Erlangen and Nuremberg giving a talk.  On Thursday morning I had a walk round Nuremberg, a formerly grand medieval city partially rebuilt in its former style after the Second World War, and site of the Nuremberg rallies, laws, and trials.  The old parade grounds are a little odd to wander through.  On the one hand they need to be left as a reminder, on the other they need to be stripped of their symbolic value.  The solution seems to be to let them slowly decay whilst enfolding them into other everyday uses as a park, playing field or a truck car park.  The result is a weird kind of estrangement: of being somewhere mundane and significant at the same time.

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Anonymous-9 said...

Fascinatibg. Would it be safe to say, Rob, that this physical environment is an outward reflect of the varying attitudes of the people?