Sunday, March 22, 2015

Lazy Sunday Service

I received a letter last week from the Royal Irish Academy informing me that I have been elected a member.  They elected 15 people in total, slightly more than the usual 12, and I was only one of two social scientists who got the nod (which is somewhat disappointing).  A nice honour, though I'm not really sure what it means as yet other than I can put MRIA after my name.  The formal admittance ceremony is at the end of May when no doubt I'll have to dig the suit out of the wardrobe and wear some fancy robes. It's followed by an induction seminar, which I hope is code for 'wine reception'.

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seana graham said...

Congratulations, Rob. Fingers crossed for the wine.

Bill Selnes said...

Congratulations. I look forward to a lovely photo of you in a colourful academic robe.

TracyK said...

Very cool, Rob. You have such diverse talents.