Sunday, May 31, 2015

Lazy Sunday Service

On Friday I attended the admittance ceremony for new members of the Royal Irish Academy in Dublin.  19 new members were elected and admitted, a number of which were honarary.  Since its founding in 1785 there have been around 3700 members, so it's a relatively select club, and it's something of an honour to be elected.  It was a very pleasant day out, first with a ceremony in Academy House, then a reception in the Mansion House.

On other news, it transpires that my drabble last week was my 200th published on the site.  More amazing than that was that I've not missed writing and publishing them on a Saturday in four years.  I've come close once or twice, when I've been distracted and only remembered late at night, but I've managed to write and post before midnight.  I enjoy the challenge of writing them, so it's a tradition I intend to maintain, even if the product is a little hit and miss.

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