Sunday, September 20, 2015

August reviews

I've realised that I completely forgot to do a summary post of my August reads, so here it is.  A month of 3 and 3.5 star reads.  All solid and entertaining enough, but no real standout book.  I think this is the first month since starting the blog that I've not read a four star or higher book.  Nevertheless, it didn't feel like a poor month of reading and I've previously read books by five of the authors.

Lehrter Station by David Downing ***.5
Royal Flash by George Fraser Macdonald ***.5
Deadlock by Sara Paretsky ***
Princes Gate by Mark Ellis ***.5
In Bitter Chill by Sarah Ward ***.5
Secret Warriors: Key Scientists, Code-Breakers and Propagandists of the Great War by Taylor Downing ***
Border Angels by Anthony Quinn ***.5
Target London: Under Attack From V-Weapons During WWII by Christy Campbell ***

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