Sunday, October 4, 2015

Lazy Sunday Service

I spent today travelling anti-clockwise along the Cabot Trail and through Cape Breton Highlands National Park in Nova Scotia. Lots of rugged coastline, gazillions of trees that are just starting to turn to autumn colours. Wonderful drive. For once I've managed to see more than the airport and hotel on a talk trip and, thankfully, I still have two days of touring before I have to turn up to do the work gig.

My post this week:
Review of Natural Causes by James Oswald
Review of Dragnet Nation by Julia Angwin
From the tree


TracyK said...

Your travels sound very cool, Rob, and I am envious. Have a great trip, before the work gig and during.

Rob Kitchin said...

Thanks, Tracy. This year has been a bit hectic. I think this will be my 36th talk. Thankfully only three more left overseas this year, all in England, so only a short hop across the Irish Sea. Would definitely recommend Nova Scotia as a place to visit.