Sunday, January 31, 2016

Lazy Sunday Service

My report on smart cities, privacy and data security was launched on Thursday in the Dublin traffic control room by Dara Murphy T.D., Minister for European Affairs and Data Protection (available here). It was commissioned by the Data Protection Unit, Department of the Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister) and is the first publication by the new Government Data Forum, a panel of experts drawn from across industry, civil society, academia and the public sector.  There was some media coverage on the Six One news on RTE1, KFM, the Irish Times, Silicon Republic and Irish Tech News.  I've tried to be as comprehensive as possible in the analysis and to detail lots of examples of good and bad practice, as well as set out a suite of solutions to improve data privacy and security.  Take a glance if you want to see how much data are being generated about you and what happens to it.

My posts this week:

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New report: Getting smarter about smart cities: Improving data privacy and data security
Review of The Ghost Runner by Parker Bilal
Review of Peepshow by Leigh Redhead
A singular venture?

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