Sunday, June 26, 2016

Lazy Sunday Service

I've been putting off reading A Killing Frost by R.D. Wingfield for some time.  It's the last book in a set of six (Wingfield died shortly before it was published) and I was reluctant to reach the end of what is one of my favourite series.  Frost is a great character - much more coarse and politically incorrect than the TV version - and the books are very well written, rattling along at quick pace, each containing several plot lines as Frost tries to juggle multiple cases and deal with internal police politics.  The staging, dialogue and interactions between characters are particularly strong, not unsurprisingly given Wingfield wrote over forty plays for radio.  I finally read the book last week and despite telling myself that I would take my time and savour it, I shot through it in a couple of days, captivated by the story.  I'll post a review shortly.  A series I can see myself re-reading in a few years time.

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