Sunday, November 20, 2016

Lazy Sunday Service

Last week was one of endless meetings.  Beside those I had two papers published.  The first I was delighted with as it was in Philosophical Transactions.  My review this week was of The Age of Wonder and many of the scientists discussed in the book, such as Banks, Davy, and Herschel, published their seminal papers in the journal.  Other famous contributors include Newton, Darwin, Franklin, Somerville, Faraday, Boole, Turing, and Hawking. My contribution is 'The ethics of smart cities and urban science' in a special issue on ‘The ethical impact of data science’.  I'm now deep into another popular history book, set at the same time as The Age of Wonder, but concerning Napolean's invasion of Russia in 1812.

My posts this week
Smart Docklands in a word, and smart city bingo
New paper: The ethics of smart cities and urban science
Review of The Age of Wonder by Richard Holmes
New paper: Algorhythmic governance: Regulating the ‘heartbeat’ of a city using the Internet of Things

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