Thursday, November 12, 2009

My head is overflowing ...

A very intense day today. The first meeting was at 10am and then proceeded until 9.30pm with no break. The meetings included USAID, a foundation, the Minister of Diaspora, and a former minister who is now a successful businessman. I can't remember a day in which I've learnt so much about history, cultural affairs, policy and different programmes and initiatives, and met people who are so highly motivated to make something succeed. Or had such a grilling as to our knowledge of what other countries do and our ideas about the merits of different schemes and proposals. My head is now overflowing with information about Armenia and its diaspora, which is no bad thing. We've more meetings lined up for tomorrow which will no doubt be equally fascinating. We've only seen a tiny amount of Yerevan, but it's an interesting city and I'll try and upload some pictures tomorrow (right is our hotel).

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