Saturday, November 28, 2009

Platinum day

I'm travelling today to attend a 70th wedding anniversary celebration this evening. I'll be happy if I make 70 years, let alone being married for that long. You can tell this kind of anniversary is pretty rare as the naming at the top end of the scale starts to get a bit ropey - 60th and 65th is a diamond anniversary, 70th is platinum, and 75th is back to diamond. 80th is oak apparently. I can't imagine there are many oaks around (and even with life expectency going up, so are separations so I doubt they'll be much of a growth in numbers in the next few years). I'm looking forward to catching up with folk and also the journey as I'm planning on getting tucked into some fiction - which has lost out to academic stuff recently. I'm hooked into Reed Farrel Coleman's 'Walking the Perfect Square' at the minute.

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David Thompson said...

Rob, I hope you're enjoying WALKING THE PERFECT SQUARE! My favorites in the Moe Prager series are REDEMPTION STREET (#2) and EMPTY EVER AFTER (#5). Enjoy! :-)

David Thompson, publisher, Busted Flush Press