Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday Snippet: The Rabbit Factory by Marshall Karp (2006, Allison and Busby)

LAPD detectives Mike Lomax and Terry Biggs are investigating the death of a lowlife paedophile who was getting his kicks fondling young children whilst working as Rambunctious Rabbit, the signature mascot of the global entertainment conglomerate Lamarr Enterprises. Whilst a relatively straightforward police procedural, Karp tries to spice things up with a little humour, particularly through the laddish banter between cops. For example, Lomax and Biggs’ boss can’t help employing rectal references whenever he’s moaning about something.

He threw a computer printout on Kilcullen’s desk.
“We ran his prints. He’s been a busy little pervert.”

Kilcullen stood up. “Jesus, Lord, how in Christ’s name does a fucking pedophile get a job hugging and fondling kids all day?”

“He must’ve interviewed really, really good,” Terry said. Kilcullen, the father of six, ignored the crack. “What do you got so far?”
“We got dick,” I said. “Murder weapon and a sicko calling card. Terry was thinking that it could be a serial killer stepping up to the plate.”

“Jesus, Mary and Joseph, that is exactly what they’re shitting bricks about. They’re afraid some bozo is going to start picking off their cartoon characters one at a time.
Biggs, I was just telling your partner, this one is on you boys. In fact, if you have anything else to do, like eat, sleep, or wipe your ass, cancel it.”
Brick shitting and ass wiping. Kilcullen was usually good for at least three scatological references.

“Yes, Sir,” Biggs said, answering for both of us.
“Good, because I’ve got the Governor of Cali-fucking-fornia crawling up my butt,” he said, completing the trinity of rectal references.

And a couple of hundred pages later.

“No problem,” Kilcullen said. “Fuck the asshole D.A.’s Office and their stupid fucking rules. Ike Rose can pay my goddam proctology bill if it will help solve these murders and get the Governor out of my rectum.”
Three anal references in five seconds. The man was in rare form. “Anything else?” he said.

My review can be found here.

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