Thursday, August 27, 2009

And may god bless all those that sail in her ...

The launch of the International Encyclopedia of Human Geography is taking place this evening at 6.45pm at the Royal Geographical Society conference in Manchester. It's preceded by a panel session focused on reference works and the production of geographic knowledge. I've spent the last five years or so working as Editor in Chief on the project and its great to be finally pushing it off into the world. Dealing with 844 contributors and 20 editors has been an interesting experience (and I never want to have to proof read 7762 pages in one go ever again).

Elsevier are using the opportunity of launching it at the RGS conference to put together some marketing materials. They have a professional video team here all day interviewing people who contributed, along with some of the editors, and the launch itself. They've already produced a promo trailer which can be seen here.

Thankfully I'm leaving all the public talking stuff to Nigel Thrift, my co-editor in chief, so hopefully I'll be able to skulk about at the back of the room and snaffle the wine and snacks.

More about the encyclopedia can be found here.

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Uriah Robinson said...

An excellent promotional trailer I don't suppose there are any ARC copies for review. Only joking. ;o) Best of luck with the launch and the snaffling.