Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Lazy Sunday Service

Posts I enjoyed this week

I speak not good
- International Crime Authors Reality Check
How to write crime - Overkill
Backtracking - The Drowning Machine
Bob Moore - Don't Call me a Crook - Big Beat From Badsville
Incident in Tacoma - Criminal Brief
Author or hobbyist - Adventures in Writing
Daylight Noir: Raymond Chandler's Imagined City - Detectives Without Borders
Haaayyyy-terrrr - Do Some Damage
My latest culture clash - International Crime Authors Reality Check
The Darkest Room - Crime Scraps
Constructing reality: What we pay attention to - International Crime Authors Reality Check
April Fool by William Deverell - Crime Watch

My posts
Review of Stop Me by Richard Jay Parker
Frankenstein: A genius creation
Review of Black Out by John Lawton
Pre-order splurge
Review of Bombs over Dublin by Sean McMahon
Saturday snippet - Drowning Slowly

I'm off to Manchester tomorrow evening to attend the Royal Geographical Society conference where the encyclopedia I've edited will be launched on Thursday evening. I imagine the posts this coming week might have a different flavour to the usual fare. We'll see.

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Dorte H said...

The posts How to write crime and Author or hobbyist were really useful. I hope you are going to find more interesting links for wanna-be crime writers :D

I can´t help thinking that if you don´t have any ideas for a plot, you may not be cut out to write. Ideas have certainly never been my problem.