Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Lazy Sunday Service

This bank holiday has take up a predictable pattern - read, throw ball for dogs, rebuild wall, check internet, repeat. Bliss. This is to be the week of trying to catch up on reviews. I've five books finished that need their review written. I hope to get three of them done today and the other two tomorrow, by which time I should have finished another book. I'm a reading roll!

My posts this week:
Some Like It Hot
Eurovision hangover
Review of A Goodbye Kiss by Massimo Carlotta
Ireland's housing market undervalued
May reviews
Review of A Deadly Trade by Michael Stanley
Retrospective commercial rent reductions
Academic blogging: issues and challenges
Saturday snippet: Hand in the Fire by Hugo Hamilton


Jeremy Crampton said...


While I'm more of an sf fan than mysteries, you read so many I thought you might appreciate this big discussion on the blog Daily Kos about a number of mystery books.

Quite a few authors are discussed - Ian Rankin, Nevada Barr, Andi Marquette, and more in the comments. Thought this might help stock up your library!

Rob Kitchin said...

thanks, though the last thing I need right now is more books!