Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lazy Sunday Service

Kerrie's review of The Rule Book over on Mysteries in Paradise has given a lift to what has been a busy few days in which I taught an entire twelve week course (usually two hours a week) over four days, whilst trying to do all the usual stuff. Always nice to get a positive review. Hopefully, Ghostland, the third McEvoy book will see the light of day at some point - it's stuck in submission limbo at the minute. I've been making good progress on Good Cop/Bad Cop over the past six weeks and only have four more chapters to write to finish the book off. Talking of which I better get back to it.

My posts this week:
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Dorte H said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for Ghostland - tell them we are waiting for our sequel!

kathy d. said...

I very much enjoyed "The White Gallows," which you so kindly sent to me.

I began on page one, and could not put this gripping book down until I was finished, up all night until the last page was turned.

Now, two friends have custody of it, and I hope to see it again some day.

Since reading Kerrie's review, I will get the first book very soon, and I cannot wait until "Ghostland," makes an appearance.