Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 wishlist

Here's what is presently on my 2012 reading wishlist, in no particular order:

The Cold Cold Ground by Adrian McKinty

Money Shot by Christa Faust

Head Games by Craig McDonald

Death In The City Of Light by David King

Killed at the Whim of a Hat by Colin Cotterill

Star Island
by Carl Hiaasen

Incompetence by Rob Grant

A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore

The Stingray Shuffle by Tim Dorsey

Or the Bull Kills You by Jason Webster

Inspector Singh Investigates: A Most Peculiar Malaysian Murder by Shamini Flint

White Heat by Melanie McGrath

Kiss Me Quick by Danny Miller

Death on the Marais by Adrian Magson

Cypress Grove by James Sallis

The Dead Detective by William Heffernan

The Imitation of Patsy Burke by John J. Gaynard

The Diggers Rest Hotel by Geoffrey McGeachin

The Brotherhood by YA Erskine

Pest Control by Bill Fitzhugh

When Money Dies by Adam Fergusson


Anonymous said...

I have read only one from your list Rob, but have several on my wish list too and I'm looking forward to reading your reviews.
Have a healthy, happy and prosperous new year.

Maxine Clarke said...

I have only read a couple of these, too, but The Brotherhood is obviously a must-read after Bernadette's various recommendations! Pity it is still expensive on Amazon (UK) but I am watching it for downwards or e-movements.

John Gaynard said...


Thank you for putting my book, The Imitation of Patsy Burke, on your wish list for 2012. One of the best reads I had last year came from reading a review on your blog: The Holy Thief, by William Ryan.

If you're interested in a review copy of Patsy Burke, it would be my pleasure to send you one. Just contact me at jgaynard at gmail dot com.

In the meantime, I wish you a Happy New Year.