Thursday, December 1, 2011

November reviews

I've five 4 star reviews for November. A reasonably good month, though on reflection I suspect I've been a little over-generous with the ratings for a couple of them (they felt right at the time). Difficult to pluck one from the pack, but I'm going for The Day Aberystwyth Stood Still by Malcolm Pryce. Whilst it was a little uneven, the first half was excellent; it was inventive, witty and engaging.

Outrage by Arnaldur Indridson ****
Call for the Dead by John Le Carre ****
The Red Coffin by Sam Eastland **.5
The Hanging Shed by Gordon Ferris ****
The Somme Stations by Andrew Martin ***.5
The Day Aberystwyth Stood Still by Malcolm Pryce ****
Greenwich Killing Time by Kinky Friedman ****

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