Monday, February 20, 2012

Seven shots of noir

My own shot of noir last week was 'On a High Wire' published on Flash Fiction Offensive. I also managed to draft two more pieces over the weekend, which I hope to submit shortly.

These are the short stories I read during the past seven days:

Reno by Chris Leek (Near to the Knuckle)
Mexican Souvenirs by Eric Beetner (Thrillers, Chillers and Killers)
Idle Hands by Tina Lonergan (Clean White Pages)
Bacon by Cormac Brown (A Twist of Noir)
The day traders (pt2) by Peter Farris (Shotgun Honey)
Moonshine by Seth Sherwood (Spinetingler)
Portrait of an American Family by Benoit Lelievre (Shotgun Honey)

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