Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lazy Sunday Service

It's a month since I started on Facebook and a week since I started on Twitter. I can see the attraction of both, though I think I'm reaching the limit on time I want to devote to social media. Facebook, Twitter, plus Friendfeed and two blogs, eat up time. I also still prefer blogging as the pieces and exchanges are more substantive. Talking of blog posts, here are two about two books published last week in one of the book series I edit, Public private partnerships in Ireland and Youth policy, civil society and the modern Irish state. The series is Irish Society, published by Manchester University Press.

My posts this week
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Review of The Cold, Cold Ground by Adrian McKinty
Medidan book award
IDA job losses and creation 2007-2011 by region and county
Casanova succumbs to Two Ton Tina
CSO property price changes 2005-2011
Property market by sector and region 2011
January reads
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