Monday, June 9, 2014

A full set?

I’ve been trying to work out how to write this post so it doesn’t seem like a boast and is what it is, an observation and a bit of amazement on my part.  This is the best I could manage.

One of the consequences of having to do daily timesheets and six monthly output and impact audits (which is what austerity and neoliberalism does to university institutes) is that it turns your working life into a kind of academic quantified self.  The result is that I have a detailed knowledge of my forms of dissemination, citation rates, etc.  It also means that with the publication of the Handbook of Human Geography I’m aware that I have pretty much completed a clean sweep of forms of communicating my research.  Or at least I must be quite close: I’m sure there’s probably something I’ve not thought of or done.  This is not something I set to achieve when I started my doctorate in 1992, nor has it been contrived, it all just seemed to happen.  Here’s what I have at least one of, which I suspect is a relatively rare set. 

Academic texts
Theses, research monograph, university textbook, edited research book, edited textbook, school textbook, dictionary, encyclopaedia, handbook, reader, coffee table book, self-help book, editor of a journal, editor of special issue of a journal, editor of a book series, books translated, reports and policy documents, journal articles, chapters for edited books, entries for dictionaries, handbooks, encyclopaedias, working papers, newsletters, book reviews/review forum.

Academic verbal

Keynotes/invited papers at events, papers at a workshops, symposia, conferences, conference poster, departmental seminars, panel sessions.

Popular Media
Articles for popular magazines, editorials, opinion pieces and letters for newspapers, interviews/citations in newspapers, TV/radio interviews/panels, TV/radio documentaries, promo videos, training programmes, creative writing, blogs, mailing lists, social media.

Other forms of participation in dissemination
Organising sessions, workshops, symposia, conferences, seminar series
Membership of boards, panels, committees, etc.

School, undergraduate, Masters, PhD, summer schools, etc.

I anticipate that the variety from here to retirement is probably going to follow an inverse pattern.  Or at least it probably should.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, well done, Rob! I am impressed.