Sunday, June 29, 2014

Lazy Sunday Service

I'm back to acquiring books at a rate faster than I'm reading them.  I've read/reviewed ten books in June, but I've bought/ordered eleven novels in the past week, including books by Dana King, Eva Dolan, Christopher Brookmyre, Spencer Quinn, Charlie Williams, Lisa Lutz, Bill Fitzhugh, Mark Haskell Smith, John McFetridge, Todd Robinson, and James McClure.  That takes me up to about twenty books bought during June, not including academic ones.  At least it means I'm spoilt for choice!  I'm already most of the way through Dog On It by Spencer Quinn, which is proving a fun read.

My posts this week
Review of The Rise and Fall of Ireland’s Celtic Tiger: Liberalism, Boom and Bust by Sean O’Riain
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Review of To Die in Beverly Hills by Gerald Petievich
LR is better than A

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