Friday, January 9, 2015

Books by Irish authors read in 2014

Of the 109 books I read and reviewed last year 16 were books by Irish authors, all but one of which was crime fiction.  This is a slight reduction on the 20 books by Irish authors I read in 2013, but I think a reasonable slice of my reading time.  I plan to read about the same number in 2015.

The Stranger You Know by Jane Casey *****
Unravelling Oliver by Liz Nugent ****.5
The Blood Dimmed Tide by Anthony Quinn ***.5
The Sun is God by Adrian McKinty ***.5
Istanbul Puzzle by Laurence O'Bryan ***
In The Morning I'll Be Gone by Adrian McKinty *****
Another Case in Cowtown by Mel Healy ***
Keep Away From Those Ferraris by Pat Fitzpatrick *****
Disappeared by Anthony Quinn ****.5
Corridors of Death by Ruth Dudley Edwards ****
The Wrath of Angels by John Connolly ****
All the Dead Voices by Declan Hughes ****
Darkhouse by Alex Barclay *****
The Silver Swan by Benjamin Black ***.5
Broken Harbour by Tana French ***

The Rise and Fall of Ireland’s Celtic Tiger by Sean O’Riain *****

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