Sunday, May 29, 2016

Lazy Sunday Service

Last week was exhausting, especially the trip to the Netherlands.  I barely got to see The Hague, but did manage to explore Rotterdam a little and really took to the place.  An old industrial, port city that was flattened during the Second World War and is still being re-developed, especially around the old docks.  It has some very striking modern architecture.  I stayed in the Hotel New York, the old offices of Holland Amerika Lijn building, and had a great room full of character and a view of the harbour (with a bathroom that was in the old service elevator).  When I wasn't busy meeting people or giving talks, I spent time reading Benjamin Black's Elegy for April, an atmospheric tale set in 1950s Dublin.

My posts this week:
Review of Stalin’s Gold by Mark Ellis
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Review of The Blood Strand by Chris Ould

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