Sunday, August 14, 2016

Lazy Sunday Service

I eased my way back into work after a couple of weeks off by hunting down old articles and book chapters, scanning them and saving as pdfs, and putting them up on Academia and Researchgate as open access downloads.  I also updated my university profile page so it now includes a complete list of everything non-fiction published (excluding blog posts), though I'm waiting for the pdfs to be uploaded into the institutional repository.  I was surprised to find I didn't have pdf versions of over a hundred pieces I've had published (most of them book chapters, minor journals and working papers).  I'm still missing a handful that were published only in paper form.  A bonus, however, was I did find a handful of pieces while searching for others that I'd forgotten I'd written and for some reason I hadn't kept a record of.  I really should have collated all these older pieces and made them open access a few years ago, but better late than never.

My posts this week

Review of Rough Treatment by John Harvey
Review of Hurt by Brian McGilloway
Vanished into thin air

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