Saturday, October 30, 2021


Richard glanced over at the boy, who was staring intently at a videogame.

His eyes tracked back to the report. 99.98 percent match. The boy was definitely his.

He’d found him waiting outside the apartment, along with two suitcases, a box of books and toys, and a DNA test. The note simply said, ‘I need you to take care of your son.’

He was still mulling over the identity of the mother. Trying to explain to the wrong ex-girlfriend might cause further headaches and set a rumour-mill spinning.  

And what was he meant to say to the boy? To Marie?

A drabble is a story of exactly 100 words.

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Margot Kinberg said...

OH, that is intriguing, Rob! And there's the whole issue of how to even begin to communicate with the boy. How do you start with nothing? Lots to think about here!