Sunday, August 28, 2022

Own goals

‘Why did you do that?’

‘What?’ Cassie checked her make-up in a compact mirror.

‘Throw yourself at Ryan,’ Lorna said. ‘You know that Sarah likes him. That she was …’

‘Because it’s fun.’

‘To hurt people?’

‘To see how they’ll react. She fled after one dance. Pathetic.’

‘More pathetic to chase attention by being a bitch.’


‘You need to find new friends, Cass,’ Jane said. ‘We’re done.’

‘Seriously? You can’t take a joke?’

‘You’re the joke.’

‘I’m the one going home with Ryan.’

‘You wish. He’s already left to find Sarah. Congratulations on a masterclass in scoring own goals.’


A drabble is a story of exactly 100 words.

1 comment:

Margot Kinberg said...

Oh, now, see, I'd probably end a friendship with someone who did that, too, Rob. I liked the ending to this one, too!