Monday, January 18, 2010

Old Dogs and the adjusting of underwear

Donna Moore has very kindly sent me an advance, uncorrected proof of her soon to be published novel, Old Dogs (Busted Flush Press). It arrived in the post this morning and it looks great. I've only read the first paragraph so far, but I'm looking forward to reading it post haste.

Barry Sheenan looked at the diamonds sparkling around the wrinkled throat of the woman in front of him and surreptitiously adjusted his y-fronts. Wealth gave him a hard-on and these two old bags were dripping with it. It wasn't so much the wealth itself, as the idea of separating it from its owners. In this case, La Contessa Letitzia di Ponzo and her sister Signora Teodora Grisiola, according to the gold-embossed card the Contessa has pressed into hand. He held it between his thumb and index finger and transferred it easily from finger to finger and back again. It even felt luxurious and rich, passing through his fingers like silk.

I would make some crack along the lines of, 'I'm so excited to be sent this book, I've had to surreptiously adjust my y-fronts', but those kind of gags are much better left to those that can actually deliver a line. If Old Dogs follows in the footsteps of Ms Moore's last outing, Go To Helena Handbasket, it'll be full of puns, double entendres, silly gags, comic mayhem and a joy to read.


Donna said...

Apologies for making you adjust your underwear Rob. I'm squirming in mine due to all the typos and my bad grammar :o) I'm currently going through the edits - hope the enormous multitude doesn't spoil any enjoyment OLD DOGS may give you.

Rob Kitchin said...

Donna, I'm thinking of holding off reading the book until nearer the publication date and then posting a review. People will then be able to order a copy and receive it pronto. What do you think, a review now or when published? I probably won't be able to wait until June in any case!

Donna said...

Rob - you are too kind. I didn't send it in the expectation of a review. I would love to hear your thoughts - whether you love it or hate it - and just feel free to read it whenever you like :o) Thank you so much.