Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday Snippet: The Wheelman by Duane Swierczynski

The Wheelman was one of my top reads of 2009, a ferociously paced heist caper, with snappy dialogue and a gazillion twists. Here's a snippet where a former ex-cop quizzes the mute, anti-hero, Lennon.

'Okay, you're officially sprung. You can cut the shit and start talking.'

Oh Jesus. Here we go again.

'Look, you mick bastard, I know you can speak. I heard you. Right before you blew up my fucking house. You said something about arseholes. Which I really fucking love. The extra 'r' in the there. Why not just say asshole? No fucking idea.'

Lennon, of course, said nothing. He couldn't. Not that this cop would understand that. Just let him keep flapping his gums. It was more time to figure out a next move.

'Still the tough guy, eh? Look, really, cut it the fuck out. We need each other, otherwise you wouldn't even be here. Here's the deal. I'm taking us to my hotel room. Now don't get that look on your face. I'm not a fag. You're not my type, anyway. I like men who can moan when I fuck them up the ass. Most you could do is scratch the mattress. And frankly, that wouldn't do it for me. It's all about the audio.'

The white lane markers whizzed by at seventy miles an hour.

'Christ, your a humorless fuck.'

Lennon saw the city receding behind him and realized they were headed north. Or northeast. To the northeast. Where this ex-cop used to live.

Great stuff. My review is here.

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