Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Lazy Sunday Service

Posts I've enjoyed this week
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My posts this week
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My present book wish is ...
For Donna at Big Beat from Badsville to take the Number 62 bus stories and make them into a similar book to 'He Died with a Felafel in His Hand' which I wrote about yesterday. If the book is as funny as the blog entries (and Go to Helena Handbasket, which I've now nearly finished) it would be a classic. (I love the fact that the Bus No 62, top right, is for all stops to Barking!)


Dorte H said...

I also vote for "The Number 62 Bus". Incredible how funny even unpleasant experiences sound when Donna womans the pen :D

Maxine said...

I've missed these bus stories, somehow. Not sure how! Must try to catch up with them. Born in Manchester, how can I not be interested in buses? ;-)

Donna said...

LOL. Where on earth did you find that picture? Sadly, my number 62 doesn't go to Barking, but it should :o) And it's a lovely pink and purple colour. There used to be a website run by 'The Driver' where he talked about his experiences driving the Glasgow night bus. It was hilarious. He described some frequent characters and one of them was one who had got on my bus from time to time - called The Electric Scarecrow. He wears a jesters hat, eyeshadow, lipstick, and a dayglo workman's jacket, as well as loads of ribbons in his hair. He talks non stop, sings Abba songs really loudly, tries to involve people in bizarre conversations and blows kisses at everyone telling them he knows they think he's gorgeous. Last time I saw him, his parting comment was "Right that's it space cadets, that's me leaving the mothership." And off he went. Anyway, The Driver used to have a blog but was worried about getting sacked so he took it down, but there is a book. His stories are hilarious. It's called THE BLOODBUS: TALES FROM THE GLASGOW NIGHT BUS.I have loads of stories from the 62 bus. Maybe I should post another one :o)

Uriah Robinson said...

Yes do post your bus stories Donna. Those of us lucky enough not to have to travel regularly by public transport can really enjoy them.
On my last bus journey from Denmark Hill to Forest Hill, almost as dangerous a route as in Glasgow, a fight broke out between two "ladies' who were twenty years older than me! The fight spilled out on to the pavement and we drove off leaving them battering each other with their walking sticks.

Rob Kitchin said...

The Blood Bus - classic! In my Amazon basket. Buckfast, crazies and innocent bloggers. We took a fieldtrip to Glasgow last year. Perhaps I'll go on the next one and this can be one of the trips. If you really want to get to know a city and its people the night bus has to be part of the experience, surely? Not sure how we'll get it past the health and safety folk ...