Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A poor hunt turns good

Last Thursday I had to travel into Dublin for a meeting. Since my pre-order splurge has still not arrived I went armed with a list of 15 books I wanted to read and took the opportunity to quickly browse in Murder Ink, Hodges Figgis and Waterstones. I managed to find only two of those desired, but I did manage to come away with four others, so I did feel somewhat sated.

One thing that strikes me about these covers is that they're all quite different, but with perhaps the exception of the rather generic Frost at Christmas, they're also very good and strong designs. There does seem to be a trend at the minute to have quite generic covers with 'atmospheric' tinted photos that bears no relation to the story (for example, Graham Hurley's The Price of Darkness that I reviewed recently), so these are a welcome change.

I'll be posting a review of Queenpin tomorrow and looking forward to tucking into the others in the coming days (although I'm saving the Frost book until Christmas).


Dorte H said...

A lovely spoil in my opinion, but of course six is not fifteen.

I know the Frost series and have one of Megan Abbott´s books on my shelf, but I think it is time to add Colin Cotterill to my list.

Rob Kitchin said...

I ordered most of the others and 6 more turned up in the post today. I'm reading Colin Cotterill at the moment and hope to post on Friday (if I have it finished by then). Enjoying it so far.