Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Finished and Famished

I've just sent off the full draft of the second edition of Key Thinkers on Space and Place, so I can finally relax and enjoy the seasonal break. At 245K words its a bit of a tome. As well as updated versions of the 52 entries of the first edition, it also includes pieces on another 14 theorists. Hopefully it will be out sometime towards the end of 2010.

We're still stuck at home after the snow at the weekend. Freezing temperatures and fog has meant that there has been no melting so far and none of the surrounding lanes or secondary roads have been cleared. We decided this morning to try and make it to the local town to get some provisions, but didn't manage to move the car more than three feet before the wheels started spinning and we lost all traction, so we gave that up as a bad idea. The snow and ice is not due to start melting until late Christmas day, so it's going to be a strange Christmas dinner as we're presently living off our stock of canned food. At the moment it's going to be tuna surprise - the surprise being what we find to cook with it.

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