Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Lazy Sunday Service

I've just had one of those horror moments when Thunderbird decides that my inbox needs to be rebuilt, then taking 30 minutes to do it. The last thing I need is for my inbox to be zapped or rearranged into mush. Last time this happened the inbox looked fine until you clicked on a header, at which point a totally unrelated message popped up. All the messages were there, just not linked to the right headers! Nightmare. In the end I only lost 7 days of email after uploading the backup, but it still caused havoc.

Yesterday I took a trip into Carrick on Shannon to collect a couple of books I'd ordered. Over the past couple of weeks the town was reduced to an island along the River Shannon (pictures right from WillowIreland blog). There are still large parts of the town under water. What a disaster. Your heart cannot help but go out to people living there or those whose businesses were swamped. Thank god I don't live on a floodplain.

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