Thursday, December 17, 2009

Getting to grips

On Monday I attended my first meeting of the editors of Progress in Human Geography, one of the top three ranked journals in human geography. I take up my post as a new editor on Jan. 1st, though I've already been dealing with papers. I've therefore been on a crash course this week of trying to get to grips with how the journal functions and operates - every journal has its idiosyncracies and this one is no different. It was a real honour to be asked to join the editor's team, so hopefully I won't muck the thing up. At least it's all done virtually through online submission; my office is a mess of shifting piles of paper that submissions would have had every possibility to get lost in.


Matt said...

Great news, Rob! Looking forward to the new opportunities you'll bring to the journal.

Philip said...

Good luck with this new venture, Rob -- I'm sure you'll do wonderfully. The journal I edited for some years had the advantage of having a fine and active board of editorial consultants but only one editor -- moi. This meant that only I really needed to know how it functioned and operated, and idiosyncrasy and orthodoxy were indistinguishable.:-)