Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Volcanic shadow

Yesterday a friend sent me a link to a NBC 2 news item from last week. I was one of the stranded passengers interviewed by their roving reporter, but I'd assumed I hadn't made the cut. Needless to say I got back five days late instead of 9-12, but the sentiment was right! Being a bit dumb sometimes, someone else had to point out to me that the video bit played the segment! I also did an 'expert commentator' piece on TG4 (Irish language) news last night (the segment starts 9.25 secs in for anyone interested). Apparently they had to get special permission to talk to me due to my lack of language skills and had a limit of c. 3 seconds. I didn't really escape the media whilst away in DC, being contacted 5 times. I spent ten minutes talking on the phone to a Newstalk researcher from outside the White House about a news item I'd missed because I was on a plane, which was a little strange. Anyway, a little bit of my extended trip stored for posterity.

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Anonymous said...

Rob - Thanks for sharing these links. I'm sorry to say that I don't speak Irish, but it is nice to see you "in the spotlight."