Thursday, April 29, 2010

Requiems for the Departed

Gerard Brennan has very kindly sent me an ARC pdf of Requiems for the Departed out in June (pre-order here). Rather than simply being a collection of short crime stories, each story is inspired by Irish mythology, and there is a stellar line-up of authors (contents below). I'll post a full review in due course, but wanted to give folk a heads-up at this stage. Based on the first few stories, it'll be well worth checking out.

Queen of the Hill - Stuart Neville
Hound of Culann - Tony Black
Hats off to Mary - Garry Kilworth
Sliabh Ban - Arlene Hunt
Red Hand of Ulster - Sam Millar
She Wails Through the Fair - Ken Bruen
A Price to Pay - Maxim Jakubowski
Red Milk - T. A. Moore
Bog Man - John McAllister
The Sea is Not Full - Una McCormack
The Druid's Dance - Tony Bailie
Children of Gear - Neville Thompson
Diarmid and Grainne - Adrian McKinty
The Fortunate Isles - Dave Hutchinson
First to Score - Garbhan Downey
Fisherman's Blues - Brian McGilloway
The Life Business - John Grant

Also check out Gerard's blog, Crime Scene NI. An entertaining read.

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Gerard Brennan said...

Good man, Rob! Much appreciated.