Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First issue uploaded

I've finally uploaded the last elements of the first issue of Dialogues in Human Geography into the publisher's online production system.  It's a new academic journal I'm co-editing for Sage.  It has a different format to other Geography journals because it only publishes forums and not individual papers.  So, there is a lead article with 4-6 commentaries, followed by an author response.  Book reviews are also done as forums with an author response.  The aim is to foster immediate dialogue around important ideas and issues.

The other journal I co-edit, Progress in Human Geography, has been ranked 2nd  in the world for citations in 2009 (out of 61 human geography journals).  It's been in the top three for the last few years, so this is another year of consolidation.  Very happy with that!  Will take a good few years to get Dialogues up to that kind of ranking.  Now onto issue 2 (the problem with editing a journal is it never ends, between the two journals nine issues a year have to go off - it's like producing an edited book every 5 or 6 weeks, which when written down scares the heck out of me!).  Best not to dwell on it.  On to issue 2 ...

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